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Debbi G McCullough

Debbi Gardiner McCullough’s an executive communications coach and expert helping leaders speak and write in ways that others want to listen. Her expertise ties to clear and compelling writing (how to get there) and helping those with a clunky, inaccessible public presentation style overcome the fear, discomfort, and beliefs getting in their way. Debbi combines 35+ years’ experience teaching writing and executive communications as a college professor and reporting on business and social trends for global media including: The Guardian, Financial Times of London, the Economist, and BBC.

My Latest Articles

up even the most meticulous writer. Here are common mistakes to keep on your radar. ("Question Mark Sign" image by Colin Kinner via flickr, CCO Public Domain)

Tricky punctuation tips for business writers

Even the most precise writers are occasionally tripped up by punctuation. That’s particularly true nowadays, when newsrooms are lean and reporters are often expected to copy-edit their own

The 2016 campaign shone a light on the U.S. Midwest, where a crop of business stories await investigation. (Farm image by "tafferdog" via pixabay)

Economic hotspot: Midwest business stories

The 2016 election shone a spotlight on the Midwest, placing new emphasis on the region’s economy and changing political landscape. This blog outlines some of the

Many Americans make savings one of their New Year's resolutions. This data should jump-start a business story. ("Attack of the Piggy banks" image by "Low Jianwei" via flickr, CC B Y 2.0)

Story jump-start: Big data on savings

For many Americans, New Year’s brings a recurring resolution: Save more money. That can mean coming up with a retirement strategy, strategizing about college debt, paying off

Twitter (Image from Pixelkult via Pixabay)

5 social media basics for business journalists

Today’s business reporters must be excellent writers, thorough reporters and savvy promoters. Many of us are responsible for pushing our work through social media channels to increase


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