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James Teeple

James is a faculty associate teaching JMC 301, the cornerstone course for undergraduates, at The Cronkite School, which requires students to develop their reporting and news writing skills before they can move on to more advanced courses. He is a proud Sun Devil who recently completed a mid-career MMC which gave him some new skills to use in the classroom. His career goes back several decades and spent 31 years at the Voice of America, joining right out of college as a production assistant. Over the years he worked as a producer, news anchor, correspondent and supervisory editor from all over the globe. As a correspondent, he reported on the Caribbean and Southeast U.S. while based in Miami, Florida, on South Asia while working out of New Delhi, and on events in Isreal and the Palestinian territories while reporting from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Jerusalem. He also worked as a supervisory editor in VOA’s Washington newsroom and served as the content editor for , VOA’s English-language website.

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