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Rian Bosse

Rian Bosse is a PhD student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. He earned his undergraduate degree in English from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2012 and worked for a small daily newspaper, the Daily Journal, in his hometown of Fergus Falls, Minnesota shortly thereafter. He started at the Cronkite School in 2014 as a graduate student and teaching assistant. A number of news organizations have published his stories and photographs, including Time, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Associated Press. He enjoys finding interesting angles in everyday stories and combining his interests in visual and written storytelling.

My Latest Articles

Business beats tips book

Five tips for covering sports

When writing about sports and money, reporters need to get creative. Instead of giving play-by-plays, you’ll be looking for stories that take place behind the

Lyme disease’s financial burden

Summer is the season for enjoying sunshine, beaches and camping in the woods. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for one of the most pesky insects in the

Flooding means trouble for Midwest

While drought continues to trouble California, too much water is causing problems for farmers in the Midwest. Heavy rainfall throughout the month of June means

Same-sex marriage and the wedding industry

The wedding industry is huge. It generates $51 billion across the country and employs more than 800,000 people. Now, it’s getting even bigger. After last month’s U.S.

The NYSE shutdown: What happens now?

Wednesday wasn’t a great day for the New York Stock Exchange. Traders saw blank screens for nearly four hours on Wednesday after a technological glitch

Earning power of a World Cup win

The United States Women’s National Team did more than just establish itself as the dominant force in international soccer with its World Cup victory on Sunday.

Business beats tips book

Five tips for covering energy

Advances in technology have bolstered energy production in the United States. That means there are a number of topics to cover that make for perfect money


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