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Energy & Sustainability

Covering sustainability: An introduction

Our popular business beat basics series is now available all in one place in ebook form for your convenience. Go here to download the Reynolds Center’s free ebook, Business Beat

Business and the environment: Land-related stories

This is the second in a three-part series by Rebecca McClay that explores how journalists can better investigate the relationship between business and environment. In the first article examining the

Covering energy, utilities and mining: Glossary

Oil producers: These are the companies that extract crude oil and gas from the ground. The largest are integrated—that is, they extract the oil, and they refine it into usable

wind energy turbines

Covering energy, utilities and mining: Resources

National Response Center: This site contains statistics about every kind of chemical, radiological, or biological discharge in the U.S. US Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration:  This

Covering energy, utilities and mining: Challenges

From securing access to interview an oil executive to maneuvering through complicated scientific arguments, reporters covering energy, utilities and mining need to be aware of the challenges of covering the

Localizing energy, utilities and mining

Energy, utilities and mining operations pervade American life. The reporter at a medium or small-sized daily should have no trouble localizing global trends and understanding how the local tentacles of

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