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Covering agriculture: Resources and sourcing

Here are a list of resources to aid in your coverage of agriculture-related topic. People to talk to To cover the agriculture beat with precision, you have to develop rich

Who profits from the business of spring break?

With post-Mardi Gras headaches barely a thing of the past for Fat Tuesday revelers, it’s now time to consider the business angles surrounding the next bout of winter debauchery and

Covering agriculture: Glossary of terms, concepts

Understanding the basic terms associated with agriculture-related topics will give you the knowledge base to conduct solid interviews and identify key trends. To get you started, here’s a list of

Looking for sources? Try HARO, ProfNet

For The New York Times, freelancer Eilene Zimmerman produced a quick-hit look at five businesses that failed in 2011. It’s a story that could be replicated in any geography. Eilene

Affordable luxury: Spotting spending trends

It’s another one of those notions that seemingly popped up out of nowhere and suddenly is a part of the zeitgeist:  Blow-dry bars, the newest trend in personal services and

Covering retailing: A reporters’ toolbox

There are several techniques you can use to inspire story ideas and get the information you need outside of the official channels. Retailing is a very public business, after all.

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