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The pedi-cab economy

Does your town have pedi-cabs, those bicycle driven carts that haul people and tourists around? You might think they’re a nuisance, as some motorists do, but it turns out that

The latest on airports as economic engines

Earlier this year, we gave you a snapshot of how airports in Ohio contribute to their local economies. Now, we’ve got some broader numbers on how aviation fuels the U.S.

Fall air fares may plummet

Summer is the busiest time of the year to travel. But if you can go this fall, you may just get a bargain. Hopper, the airfare predictor app, is forecasting

Big battle over open skies

The battle lines have been drawn in a showdown between the Big Three U.S. airlines —  American, Delta and United — and the Big Three Middle East carriers — Etihad, Emirates

Many cities get new flights

Summer is the busiest time of year for international air travel, and a swath of cities are getting new flights. Last month, Norwegian Air announced it would launch flights from

Business beats tips book

Five tips for covering transportation

As people start their day or prepare for a big summer trip or vacation, they are going to want to know about their means of transportation. As a business reporter, you

Safety and sharing economy

A new report by the National League of Cities (NCL) found that 71 percent of city officials surveyed support the growth of the sharing economy, particularly with ridesharing services such

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