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Try these auto sales story ideas

The monthly new-vehicle sales reports are due out from automakers on Sept. 4, and expected to show a 17-percent uptick, according to Taking the pulse of new car and truck sales

Bloomberg News’ Angela Greiling Keane on auto beat

Angela Greiling Keane’s reporting has taken her to the crowded intersection where autos, technology and government merge. As a Bloomberg News reporter in Washington D.C., her beat includes transportation, auto-industry

Covering transportation: Key resources

U.S. airlines were deregulated in 1978. Railroads were deregulated in 1980. Well, not really. While operating ostensibly as private business for three decades, commercial transportation companies are required to disclose

How to cover transportation: An introduction

Your job as an airline/rail/transportation writer is to make sense of the business of moving people from place to place. It’s a beautiful thing when it works. When it doesn’t, the

Stats help Star-Ledger unearth more railroad deaths

Mark Mueller of The Star-Ledger in New Jersey tracked statistics about fatalities in the railroad industry and produced a story with an attention-grabbing lede: “Be it accident or suicide, the

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