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Covering Financials

What to expect for financial email course

Learn to understand and cover public companies’ financials in our six-day email course, “Introduction to Covering Financials.” This email financial course includes six lessons on how to cover financials including how journalists can use company documents to find new stories. Here is an overview of what to expect from the course:

Lesson 1: What kind of financial statements to know, including income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flows.
Lesson 2: How wealth is measured in financial accounting.
Lesson 3: Connects balance sheets and income statements to help reporters ask insightful questions about firms’ financial performance.
Lesson 4: Dives deep into Statements of Cash Flow, explaining where to look for differences between these and the Income Statements to find interesting stories.
Lesson 5: Explains non-GAAP earnings metrics using recent examples from large organizations.
Lesson 6: Includes resources and tips on how to find financial information about public companies to assist in reporting.

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Covering Financials Email Course

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