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Western drought begins to affect housing starts

The drought in the western United States has led to water restrictions in California and an increased awareness about the water usage by almonds and other kinds of crops. Earlier this

A new bridge between U.S., Canada

For years, officials in Canada and the United States have wanted to build a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, a strategically important border crossing for commercial traffic. For

Across America, giving airports an upgrade

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is embracing solar power. But other airports badly need improvements. Have you been to your local airport lately? All across the U.S., airports such Detroit Metropolitan,

Airport construction generates revenue, jobs

U.S. airports currently are working on nearly $80 billion in construction projects, according to the Centre for Aviation’s (CAPA) Airport Construction and Capex database.  The report notes that airports around

Road building is local business

The federal Highway Trust Fund is projected to run out of money on August 1.   Congress is as usual eschewing a long-term, sweeping vision in favor of a short-term patch.  

Winter freeze affects businesses and consumers

There’s so much happening this month and next for business writers to focus on, but sometimes you need to bow to the forces of nature. Record-setting winter weather like most

Spotting local stories in road construction

Orange-barrel season is in full swing (though actually, the season seems to last year-round lately), and why not put the time you spend in bumper-to-bumper construction traffic to good use? 

Covering Real Estate: Resources, experts

By Jonathan Lansner A plethora of groups and companies track the real estate market. Since the math involved is part science, part art, it’s suggested you look at a range

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