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Trust is a the heart of the DOL's new fiduciary rule. Here are three big stories to develop for your readers. ("Handshake with smile" by Vilmos Vincze via Flicker, CC BY 2.0)

The freelance writers’ guide to networking

While journalism requires a certain willingness to talk to strangers and interview sources, many writers are introverts who’d rather not spend their downtime schmoozing. But, especially for freelancers who don’t

lightbulb with idea bubbles

The freelancer’s guide to repurposing ideas

For many freelance writers with bylines across multiple publications, the key to success is not in thinking up a million disparate ideas but in finding ways to put a new

A freelancer’s guide to collecting payments

One of the hard truths about freelancing is that some clients don’t often pay on time, if at all. And because there isn’t a payroll or human resources department to

The business of freelancing

If you want to freelance for a living rather than a hobby, it’s essential to treat it as a business. The tips below will help you get in the right

Using Twitter for story ideas and leads

  Generating ideas is one of the more difficult challenges for many freelance reporters. Independent journalism requires not only sending out pitches but also doing so in near-isolation, without a

6 grants that can fund your reporting project

Maybe you’re freelance. Perhaps you’re at a publication where the idea of a splurge is finding $10 on the street and buying a box of doughnuts for the staff. It

JM Henderson's prolific freelance career owes a lot to millennials.

Career Q&A with millennial expert J.M. Henderson

J.M. Henderson is a freelance journalist and researcher who has been covering Millennials since they were still being called “Generation Y.” Her writing focuses on the intersection of economics, demographics,

Freelance writing: Successfully pitch editors

For freelance writers, pitching stories can be intimidating. What should you say? How many clips should you include? How do you ask for more money? A panel of assignment editors

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