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Reporting on the pay gap

Following a proposal from President Obama in January, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission could start collecting pay data from companies with 100 employees or more as early as 2017. The

Story ideas for covering small businesses

The 28 million small businesses in America employ more than half of the entire workforce, contribute most to the production of new jobs and are responsible for almost half of

Unions fight business with tax hike threat

Unions in the Midwest have had a difficult time in recent years. Wisconsin eliminated collective bargaining rights for state employees, fueling Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s run for president. Michigan and

What to know about driverless cars

Welcome to the future, or should we say near future, of driving. Earlier this month, a driverless car operated by Delphi, an automotive supplier, completed a 3,400 mile road trip

Indiana bill causes business uproar

Passage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act engulfed the state in controversy last week. Supporters on the right say it champions religious liberty, while detractors on the left say it would

New reports shed light on banking trends, fees

If you haven’t caught up with happenings on the financial services beat lately, a handful of recent reports of interest are ripe for localizing with the banks in your region.

Covering hospitals: Core concepts and terms

Our popular business beat basics series is now available all in one place in ebook form for your convenience. Go here to download the Reynolds Center’s free ebook, Business Beat

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