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Public transportation

Urbanism: Business journalist’s briefing

Until recently, the growth of American cities was largely a suburban story. It developed in response to urban afflictions at the turn of the last century and was compounded by government policy and

How to cover your community’s TIGER grants

Have you noticed new transit projects like streetcars and bike lanes in your area? They may well be funded by federal TIGER grants. The Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER)

Would Americans use high-speed rail?

A new survey by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) — “High-Speed Rail in America 2015” — finds that if high-speed rail were available now, 63 percent of Americans would

Covering new transit projects

This week, New York City opened its first new subway station in more than 20 years. The Hudson Yards station is the city’s newest tourist attraction, attracting crowds on Sunday.

Digital trends in public transportation

Transport agencies and operators are fundamentally changing the way they look at themselves by tapping into a broad array of other digital businesses, digital customers, and even digital ‘things’ at

Minneapolis’ bike-friendly investments pay off

It’s a big question for a lot of cities across the United States: Is investing in public transportation and commuting infrastructure worth it? Many are realizing that it is. As our own Benét Wilson

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