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Clean solar concentrator

Solar Power: Can the blazing demand for it be sustained?

Solar Power:  Sometimes a theme won’t take no for an answer; it keeps bubbling up here and there demanding to be recognized. A couple of weeks ago, a tradesman recommended a solar-powered charger for one of my electric-powered household gadgets.  Then I came across this story about solar-powered smartphone-charging park benches.  A few blocks down […]

Pile of old computers

New gadgets mean more demands for smart e-waste recycling

Last week’s news that Apple will be launching a new iPhone 6 and an iPhone watch — as well as the less-festive flash that poor Amazon has had to cut the price of its sluggish selling Fire mobile phone to 99 cents (from about $200) — conjured up visions of mountains of older models tossed […]

Soldiers with Rocket Launcher

Helping readers make business sense of global turmoil

The growing drumbeat of global strife and spate of recent air disasters is casting a gloomier pall over economies worldwide, many of which already are mired in tepid recoveries in jobs and financial markets. The escalating stream of bad news is becoming difficult to overlook even in locales seemingly unrelated to the military conflicts in […]

Tampa Bay Times' Ivan Penn on bringing power to the energy beat

Tampa Bay Times’ Ivan Penn on bringing power to the energy beat

Ivan Penn, Tampa Bay Times reporter, started his journalism career as a TV weatherman—in elementary school for an in-house cable program. His father, an avid consumer of the news, inspired him to pursue journalism. “I was overwhelmed with news, so the Freudian piece of that would probably be that I was trying to get some […]

Man on bile with scrap metal in grocery basket

New crime data prompts new look at multi-billion scrap metal business

We all have our quirks and one that I’ll admit to involves a rather odd fascination good trash-to-treasure stories. No, you won’t find me peering into neighbor’s bins under cover of darkness, but the industries surrounding solid waste, recycling and scrap always seem to be under-the-rader-screen sources of interesting story nuggets. The notion of scrap […]

As World Cup excitement mounts, find local ties to Brazil's economy

As World Cup excitement mounts, find local ties to Brazil’s economy

Only a few weeks remain until the kick-off of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil – and the much-watched football (or soccer, to those of us in the United States) tournament will bring all eyes to South America’s largest economy. FIFA, by the way, stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association and the league, […]

Tornado couple hug ABCNews

Tornado-related stories: Insurance, utilities, prep and cleanup

It’s hard to believe that after the devastation in 2013, we’re back to another tornado season with the twisters already killing more than a dozen people in Arkansas and nearby states.  And with more severe weather happening as I write, and  forecast for the coming days, you might want to brush up on your storm […]

Nebraska state run horse racing

New state tax revenue data gives insight into consumer spending

New numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau on state tax revenues are just out for the fourth quarter of 2013, with the annual summary for the full year also due out April 8. Because these figures are broken down into categories ranging from property tax to alcohol purchases, you might consider using them as a […]

US market worries over Ukraine

Keeping an eye on local economics as the Ukraine-Russia crisis persists

As a business writer, you might not have had the escalating military and political crisis in the Ukraine on your to-do radar screen, but as the Russian invasion continues, it’s begun to cause  market gyrations around the world.  At this point it’s worth paying attention to what’s going on and perhaps lining up some explanatory […]