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#FF: Follow these Twitter feeds for financial news

April 10, 2012

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@Meena_Thiru's top finance news feeds

She’s been called “the best financial news tweeter extant” and a human aggregator who “always has relevant stories about Wall Street.” Marketplace New York Bureau Chief Heidi N. Moore’s byline should already be familiar to regular readers of this site. Her Twitter handle should be too.

For anyone interested in following Wall Street news online, @moorehn is a must follow Twitter handle. Here’s a look at who else is on my top 10 list of Twitter handles to follow for finance news:

  • @LaurenLaCapra —  Financial Tweeter extraordinaire and Reuters reporter Lauren Tara LaCapra tweets the latest news on the biggest Wall Street banks.
  • @LouiseStory — Tweets from New York Times reporter Louise Story focus on J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and more.
  • @m_delamerced — The Twitter feed for Michael de la Merced, finance reporter for the New York Times and DealBook. Clicking links from his feed and colleague Louise Story’s feed is one way to access Times stories without running into its pay wall (yet).
  • @WealthWatch  — A Twitter feed with a sense of humor and links to a wide range of financial news from Suzanne Woolley, managing editor for personal finance editor at
  • @counterparties — This Reuters feed is curated by @felixsalmon and @mccarthyryanj. They call it their “beautiful dark twisted fantasy,” part of an experiment in building a financial news site that links to the best content available from any source. It’s awesome.
  • @ft — This feed is an easy way to keep track of top headlines from the Financial Times. Unlike The New York Times, you’ll run up against a pay wall in just a few clicks.
  • @marketbeat — The Twitter feed for the Wall Street Journal’s MarketBeat blog. As it says, it “looks under the hood of Wall Street’s financial engine each day.”
  • @dealbreaker — This one is an automatic headline feed devoid of a voice of its own, but it is a good way to keep track of headlines from the snarky Wall Street tabloid.
  • @CNBC – Follow this feed to feel better about changing the channel to ESPN or HGTV while you’re working.

This list is just a start. One great way to find even more great people to follow is to see which interesting Twitter handles these top Tweeters follow. Check their lists, too. If they’re like Heidi, they’ll have neatly arranged their favorite Tweeters into lists you can follow in just a click.

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