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The great global Cadbury Creme Egg controversy

January 16, 2015

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There were protests three years ago when an American company bought British chocolate legend Cadbury. But they were nothing like the current controversy over Cadbury Creme Eggs.

It seems that for 2015, Mondelez (a spinoff of Kraft) has changed the formula for the annual Easter treat. Instead of being covered with Cadbury Dairy Milk, a creamy milk chocolate, the eggs are now covered with a “standard cocoa mix.” It also reduced the number of eggs per carton to five from six, without dropping the price.

(Americans actually won’t notice a difference, since the U.S. version will remain covered with Hershey’s chocolate. But trust us, these are really good eggs.)

It’s caused a kerfuffle in the global media and a field day for headline writers.

“Chocolate Fans Shellshocked At Creme Egg Change,” declared the Irish Times.

“Cadbury Creme Egg controversy triggers sweet memories of the treats we used to eat,” said the Mail in Birmingham, England.

NPR has gotten into the act, interviewing British children, and declaring, “Tweaks To Cadbury Creme Eggs Not Going Over Easy In The U.K.” (Over easy. Get it?)

A British woman even wrote a song about the situation.

Anyone who can find a grocery or candy store that sells Cadbury Creme Eggs can match the story. And the research, need we say, would be enjoyable.


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