How to Cover Money, Series 1, Episode 8: Small Businesses

by March 10, 2015

The Reynolds Center podcast, How To Cover Money, is in its first season on iTunes.

Each week, co-host Mark Remillard and I look at topics that are useful in learning to think like a business reporter, even if you’re not one. A new podcast episode is uploaded to iTunes every weekend.

Our podcast is free, and you can download it here or listen below. Each podcast runs about 10-15 minutes, making it a quick feature that you can play in class or assign as homework.

Episode 8 looks at a subject that is likely to come up with young journalists: interviewing the owners of small businesses. Here are some questions you can ask your students as part of a discussion.

  1. Where are some places you can find information about small business owners?
  2. How do you come up with new questions to ask someone who’s frequently been interviewed?
  3. What’s a good approach when your interview subject has never talked to the media before?
  4. The owner might be expecting a positive story. What do you say before your piece airs or is posted?
  5. Do any of you come from families that own businesses? What tips would you share?