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Sports is a tricky beat, because so many journalists focus on the teams and the outcomes of the games, and miss the vast sums of money that surround professional and college sports.

This week’s podcast features tips from Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports and the MLB Network. Here are some questions that can prompt a discussion with your class.

  1. Name some examples of sports and money in this area. Do you know the budget of this university’s athletic program?
  2. Are you a sports fan? How do you think you could reconcile supporting a team as a fan and covering it as a journalist?
  3. Let’s talk about all the ways that a team generates revenue.
  4. Come up with some ideas for covering sports and money in this market. What are some stories you’d like to read?
  5. If you were going to start covering a team at the university or in this area, who are some of the people you might like to develop as sources?
  6. Where would you go to get comparisons of the team here with other teams in its conference or league?
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