Reynolds Extra: Swift Will Let Apple Stream 1989

by June 25, 2015

We’ve been following the saga of Taylor Swift’s battle with Apple’s new music streaming service, and now, it seems like there is a victory on both sides.

Earlier this week, Apple agreed to pay royalties to artists and song writers whose music appears on the beta version of its streaming service, after Swift protested the lack of compensation.

And now Swift, who was only going to give Apple her back catalog, has changed her mind about providing it with her latest hit album.

Here are her tweets from Thursday morning.

In a veiled reference to U2, she added,

Swift has been called the most powerful voice in music by the Los Angeles Times.

It’s certainly a story that has captured the attention of the business world and the entertainment world. Before the kerfuffle, Forbes listed her as No. 64 on its list of the world’s most influential women.

Watch for her ranking to rise for 2016.

For story ideas, ask Swift fans in your city whether they’re now more interested in Apple Music now that her hit will be available. Do they use other streaming services? How much do they rely on streaming versus buying downloads or CDs?