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February 2017

Story Idea: Rise of the Dollar Store

While it may feel as though the brick-and-mortar store era is coming to an end, there is a shining light for at least one physical retail channel. Dollar stores are now

How to Use BLS Data to Report on Women’s Employment

When post-inauguration women’s marches made headlines across the country, women-in-the-workforce issues became hot topics. Here are some tips for using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to jump-start a story. Look at women’s

Who better to write about the best business movies around than people who write about business all the time? Check out some of our favorites. (Image via Pixabay)

Business Movies That Business Writers Love

There are some great business movies out there. In order to identify the best of the bunch, we asked a handful of our Reynolds Center staff and contributors to list their favorite films

Doctor holding a newborn baby

Business Story Ideas: The Cost of Fertility Treatment

According to data published by the National Health Statistics Reports in 2014, 12 percent of women aged 15-44 or their husbands or partners have ever used infertility services. However, treatments

Sometimes journalists have to plunge into the lab and experiment. ("Still life" image by

Newsroom labs and journalist inventors

Journalists and editors have been asking themselves the same questions for years now. How can we tell stories that attract a wider audience? How do we generate more clicks to

Government information may be harder to access, but diligent investigators have several paths to pursue. (Image by "lucianofiore" via flickr, CC BY 2.0)

New Ways to Uncover Federal Agency Information

One of the developments impacting business reporters early in the new administration is the accessibility of data and information. Various federal agencies reportedly were put on an information lockdown. While every new

How much you know about the finances of food waste? Take our quiz. ("Vegetables" image by "chrizzel_lu" via pixabay CCO Public Domain)

BIZ QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Food Waste?

It’s not a glamorous topic, but there are plenty of money stories in food waste. From the challenges of composting to seasonal trends, writers for have covered the subject multiple

3 Databases: Local Learning Trends

Newsworthy headlines about schools often report on the quality of a state’s education, or the status of funding that public schools are receiving from the government. However, trends local education also

Learning to use Tweetdeck can help reporters stay on top of breaking news. (Logo courtesy of Twitter)

How to use twitter, part 1: Tweetdeck

You’ve been a reporter for what, 10, 15, 20 years? You’re an ace at good ol’ boots-on-the-ground reporting. But there is something nagging at you. Well, more like someone: The new millennial hire.

In her April 29 SABEW session, Retha Hill will be helping business journalists understand how to use virtual reality in the newsroom.

Virtual Reality for Business Journalists: Save the Date

Reinventing storytelling and business journalism is the big theme of this April’s SABEW 17 conference in Seattle. The Reynolds Center will sponsor one of the program’s most compelling and game-changing sessions: Virtual Reality/360

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