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Two Minute Tips

March 2018

Finding local tech stories

Technology has never been a more popular business topic, as cities across the country work to add tech jobs and attract technology companies to help bolster and diversify their post-recession

3 stories to report on medical debt

As health care costs increase in 2018, and consumers assume more of the cost of their care, medical debt is a story to watch. Covering this volatile issue, with estimates

3 stories to report on inflation

After a few rate hikes in 2017, the news that the Federal Reserve is expected to raise rates in March hardly set off a ripple when the rate of inflation

Writing tips for kicking your personal clichés

You’ve heard more times than you could count not to use clichés, whether from a teacher or in the railing of some literary giant like George Orwell: A newly-invented metaphor

Covering election costs

With the close presidential election in 2016 and races in divided national and state legislatures, special elections have garnered extra attention over the last year. Recently, a special election in

New story angles you’ll find at local coffee shops

Specialty coffee consumption continues to rise and nearly half of coffee consumed in 2017 (46 percent) was consumed out of the house, finds a report from the National Coffee Association

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