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Newsletters, both new and old

Sometimes the best way to stay “in the know” is by subscribing to newsletters that send you the information you didn’t even know you needed right to your inbox. With the media landscape changing day to day, here are a couple of newsletters that may make your job a little easier.

Tools for Reporters

Sent every two weeks, this newsletter is currently published by freelance reporter and instructor Samantha Sunne and suggests tools that make reporting ‘easier, faster, and more powerful.’ 

Past newsletters have included tools to streamline your calendar, create story maps, and follow the money from advertisements.

Check out the archive here.

Journalist’s Toolbox.ai

Created by Mike Reilley, this Substack newsletter shares ‘tools, plug-ins, browser extensions and other artificial intelligence resources’ that can be helpful to any journalist. This newsletter is published every other Tuesday.

Reilley was also the original creator of the Toolbox which is now hosted by the Society of Professional Journalists and has a wide variety of resources for journalists to use.

Inside the Newsroom

If you’re looking for a new job or a fellowship, want to submit your work for an award, or are interested in events and training, this newsletter has you covered. 

Last year, they also launched a candidate board for paying subscribers to help job seekers connect with employers. Learn more about the newsletter here.

Trusting News

The Trusting News organization focuses on supporting journalists and newsrooms to build a better and more trusting relationship with their audience. 

Some of their past newsletters have included how to inject transparency into daily coverage, acknowledge when you mess up, and let your audience know you strive for fairness.

Check out the entire archive here.

These are just a few of the great newsletters out there that are worth looking into to see if they are right for you. Substack has become a behemoth of a platform for journalists to communicate with one another and you can find all kinds of newsletters, such as the ones highlighted here, to help you do your daily job.

Don’t forget to share this newsletter with your friends and coworkers as well. Our two-minute tips are also available on Substack if that is your preferred way of compiling newsletters. You can always access the archive of tips at the bottom of every weekly email.


  • Julianne Culey

    Julianne is the Assistant Director of the Reynolds Center with expertise in marketing and communications and holds a master's in Sociology from Arizona State University.

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