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Julianne Culey

Julianne is the deputy director of the Reynolds Center with expertise in marketing and communications and holds a master’s in Sociology from Arizona State University.

My Latest Articles

Reporting on retail theft

Viral videos of groups of shoplifters smashing through doors and stealing armfuls of merchandise have made headlines this summer. Companies have made statements on what

Newsletters, both new and old

Sometimes the best way to stay “in the know” is by subscribing to newsletters that send you the information you didn’t even know you needed

The business of Halloween

Today may be Halloween, but it’s never too late to brush up on your Halloween knowledge and prepare to write some follow-up stories on the

What’s in your shopping basket?

Here are two food industry stories to inspire you to think about the business of food the next time you’re filling up your cart at

The booming business of women’s sports

As a Forbes headline stated this summer, “Women’s Sports Are Profitable” – but only when brands, media and broadcasters buy in. With more companies choosing

Are you kidfluencing me?

In August, Illinois became the first state in the United States to enact a law aimed at protecting minors who are featured in monetized online

Public record resources

It can be difficult to get information from a private company, but all businesses have to interact with the government in order to operate, so

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