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How to Cover Money Podcast

Millennials and money with Rian Bosse

…out into the field and be sure to include millennials in your coverage. Many millennials are starting businesses that express them and their passions. Seek out millennial entrepreneurs to interview….

Millennials and money: Who are the winners?

…no secret that millennials go out of their way to purchase technology. Dan Schawbel of Millennial Branding partnered with Elite Daily and interviewed 1,300 millennials. They found that 87 percent…

Busting myths about millennials in the workplace

…events that cater to Millennials. STORY IDEAS “Myths, exaggerations and uncomfortable truths,” IBM Report On Millennials Pew Research Center, Millennials The Millennial Generation Research Review, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation…

Millennials and their transit needs

…the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). Communities that attract millennials have a multitude of transportation choices, as proven by millennial hotspots, popular zip codes where residents have self-selected into a…

A guide to covering Millennials

…covering “Millennials and Money” is more than just writing about Millennials. More importantly, it’s writing about what affects Millennials. Like all readers, Millennials want stories about things that affect them,…

Millennials and money: Healthcare trends

…five trends that illustrate how millennials are shaping the healthcare market. The rise of quick care According to a survey conducted by Communispace, only 56 percent of millennials reported that…

Millennials and home ownership

Everybody in real estate is wondering what millennials plan to do when it comes to buying houses. Now, a couple of surveys are showing mixed forecasts. Seventy percent of millennials…

Millennials are changing the economy with their money habits

Millennials, whose start in financial life was delayed—and to a substantial degree derailed—by the Great Recession, have been developing surprisingly robust money habits, recent surveys are finding. While the Millennial

Keeping the young in Michigan: Part 2

…look at the political impact millennials have had on campaigns and local economies. Millennials and Money columnist Rian Bosse Rian: Is Michigan doing anything to promote education at community colleges? Do you…

Millennials consume TV unlike any other generation, with plenty of implications for business. ("Old TV Set" image by Tomislav Medak via Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Millennials and money: Television trends

…change: 38 percent of millennials reported that they plan to cancel their subscription in favor of an online-only experience. Multi-screen experience According to a 2014 Verizon Millennials and Entertainment Report, the television…


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