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Legalized pot is a topic business reporters can easily cultivate. (Image by "rexmedlen" via Pixabay, CCO Creative Commons)

Reporting cannabis: Five new story ideas

In California’s Monterey County, where until recently I lived and reported, the cannabis industry has been ramping up.  The cultivation and sale of medical marijuana

Sometimes journalists have to plunge into the lab and experiment. ("Still life" image by

Newsroom labs and journalist inventors

Journalists and editors have been asking themselves the same questions for years now. How can we tell stories that attract a wider audience? How do


Reporting on municipal contracts

Robust business stories often start with contracts, but what’s the connection between contracts and business stories? Contracts reveal the DNA of a project whether it


How to find story ideas in municipal budgets

For reporters, budgets can be anything from boring to scary. They’re packed with numbers and technical words like “appropriation” “non-recurring expenditures” and “capital improvement,” also

The business profile reconsidered

It’s tempting, I’ll admit it – churning out the business profile. The itch surfaces on the occasional slow week, or the desire to diversify content and


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