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Year-end, big-ticket sales and your local economy

Retail stories this time of year tend to focus on items that fit under the tree, like electronics, apparel, jewelry, gift cards. But year-end sales of durable goods like cars, furniture

Local business reaction to opportunities in Iran

News that the United States, working with several other nations, is easing some trade sanctions on Iran in exchange for curbs to that country’s nuclear program, offers opportunity for local

Local used-goods scene reflects economy

If you’ve been hankering to do a story on the second-hand economy, used goods or tag sales, all of the stars are aligning to make the coming week a perfect

Finding local ties to the new Fortune 500 ranking

The 2013 edition of Fortune’s ranking of the top 500 U.S. companies hits the street today.   And while the entries generally are clustered along either coast, most markets across the country

Uncovering the best local business stories

The free workshop, “Uncovering the Best Local Business Stories,” was originally held at the University of Arkansas on April 12, 2013. Geared to the needs of generalists on small staffs,

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