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Local & Small Business

Theresa May revealed the timeline for Britain's exit from the European Union. (Photo via pixabay.com)

How business reporters can localize Brexit

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, has announced her government will formally begin negotiating its exit from the European Union no later than

Building photo

Expert tips for covering localist movements

Chances are, you have a Local First or similar movement in your area, designed to build more vibrant communities and foster local economic development. Kimber

People shopping at a local market

How to cover the “Buy Local” movement

“Buy local” campaigns have been gaining traction for the last decade. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find fresh and interesting angles to cover them. This

Photo of flag and jets flying over

Four fresh angles on Memorial Day coverage

Memorial Day is more than just backyard barbecue picnics—it’s about commemorating those who died while serving America. Here are four fresh business angles you can

Reporting on small business

Five tips on reporting on small business

President Obama dubs small businesses as the “backbone of our economy and the cornerstone of our community.” Data backs this up. The ADP National Employment


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