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Transportation And Money: Buying A Car Via Costco

Costco members know they can buy a wide variety of products, from flowers and tires to pizza, in the vast warehouse stores and online. Now, Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Costco has

Minneapolis’ Bike-Friendly Investments Pay Off

It’s a big question for a lot of cities across the United States: Is investing in public transportation and commuting infrastructure worth it? Many are realizing that it is. As our own Benét Wilson

Some Twists On Travel Sharing Companies

Travel focused sharing economy companies are popping up as fast as weeds after a Texas thunderstorm. A new report by consulting firm PwC says,”The innovation clock is now set to

Transportation: No Answers In Takata Airbag Recall

Takata, the Japanese auto supplier, agreed on Tuesday to recall 33.8 million defective airbag inflators. It is the largest automotive recall in history. There’s only one problem. Nobody knows why

Expect GM Turnaround To Last A Decade

Board members at major corporations rarely share their thoughts about how companies are run. So, it’s worth checking out comments made to Bloomberg by E. Neville Isdell, who is retiring

Transportation And Money: Startups Create New Apps

Apps for mobile devices that make travel easier and smarter are popping up almost every day. Startup companies are getting millions in funding from investors and venture capitalists to create

Travel and the sharing economy

In a post here, I wrote about how U.S. cities are adapting — or not — to the sharing economy. The so-called ‘sharing economy’ poses a major challenge to the

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