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The luxury student housing trend

Millennials do a lot of things differently, including how they live while getting an education. Luxury apartments are a growing trend in college towns across the United States. The buildings,

Auctioning Detroit’s historic buildings

Two of Detroit’s best known buildings are being auctioned this week. The Fisher Building and the Albert Kahn Building are linchpins of the city’s New Center district north of downtown.

Managing home owners in home sharing

Airbnb, VRBO and Homeaway are familiar names to savvy travelers, who are flocking to sites that allow them to book stays in private residences, often at lower prices than the

Millennials and home ownership

Everybody in real estate is wondering what millennials plan to do when it comes to buying houses. Now, a couple of surveys are showing mixed forecasts. Seventy percent of millennials

Western drought begins to affect housing starts

The drought in the western United States has led to water restrictions in California and an increased awareness about the water usage by almonds and other kinds of crops. Earlier this

How cities are trying to attract millennials

We’ve already looked at the trend of millennials moving to smaller, less popular cities, but what are other cities doing to attract them? Across the country, it’s becoming more and

Coworking office spaces grow

In larger cities, there’s a growing trend of more people working outside of traditional offices. Some are trying a practice called coworking, where self-employed people share office space. Coworking in earnest

Oprah goes big with estate sale

It will be four years in May since Oprah Winfrey aired the final episode of her eponymous talk show. She recently announced plans to close Harpo Studios on Chicago’s west

Iconic buildings for sale

Two of the Midwest’s most iconic buildings — Willis Tower in Chicago and the Fisher Building in Detroit — were recently put up for sale, and they’re both expected to

Young find cheap living in Buffalo

A lot of things about Millennial culture leave older generations scratching their heads. Here’s another one: They are moving to Buffalo. Redefining the American Dream means Millennials are moving to smaller cities

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