Reynolds Center Staff Bios

Reynolds Center Staff

Rian Bosse, Digital Content Editor

Bosse manages production of the center’s digital content. Prior to working at Reynolds, Bosse covered business as a reporter at a small daily newspaper in his home state of Minnesota. He is a 2016 graduate of the Cronkite School’s master’s degree program, where he developed the passion and skills for digital storytelling. Contributors:

Erik Sherman

Erik Sherman is a freelance journalist, author, and writer whose work has appeared in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Technology Review, Chief Executive, and The Fiscal Times. Primarily covering business, technology, economics, and public policy, he frequently contributes to,, and

Susan Johnston Taylor

Austin-based freelance writer Susan Johnston Taylor has written about business and entrepreneurship for The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, Entrepreneur and Fast Company. She’s also a weekly contributor to the money section of U.S. News & World Report online.

Dorianne Perrucci

Personal finance journalist and editor Dorianne (Dori) Perrucci specializes in reporting on investing for retirement and saving on health care costs. She is the co-author of Asset Allocation For Dummies (John Wiley & Sons) and previously contributed to Jane Bryant Quinn’s Washington Post and Newsweek columns on personal finance and economic policy, after reporting on the newspaper business for Editor & Publisher and MediaWeek.