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Celebrating female business journalists for Women’s History Month

March 31, 2024

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For the third year in a row in honor of Women’s History Month – and as a way to encourage more female representation within the field of business journalism – we have been highlighting a new female business journalist each day this month. In case you missed them on our social media pages this month, check out the full list below in the order they were featured.

1. Sam Raudins @sam_raudins

Sam covers restaurants, retail, cannabis, technology and innovation for the Albany Business Review. She has been awarded by the Ohio News Media Association for in-depth reporting, the Society of Professional Journalists for breaking news coverage, and the Ohio Associated Press for sports enterprise reporting. Previously, she worked at the Hudson Register Star and Catskill Daily Mail. Sam has a degree in public affairs journalism from Ohio State University.

2. Stephanie Flanders  @MyStephanomics

As the Head of Economics and Politics at Bloomberg and Bloomberg Economics, Stephanie demystifies global economics. Most recently she discussed why the cost of money is about to go up and hosts her own podcast for Bloomberg ‘Stephanomics.’ Past topics include the connection between climate change and inflation, China’s ambitions, and countries rich with raw materials. Previously she was chief market strategist for Britain and Europe for J.P. Morgan Asset Management and a BBC News economics editor.

3. Andrea Chang @byandreachang

A wealth reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Andrea has recently reported on Disney performers’ move to unionize, members-only clubs, and nightclub-inspired workouts. Andrea has been at the LA Times since 2007 and was previously a Column One editor, the deputy Food editor, an assistant Business editor and has covered beats including technology and retail.

4. Ayelet Sheffey @arsheffey 

As a senior economic policy reporter at Business Insider, Ayelet covers all things debt and has recently been covering the Biden Administration’s attempts to provide student debt relief to borrowers all across the country. Based in Washington D.C. after graduating from American University, she also covers the Federal Reserve, consumer-centered legislation and government spending. Check out her latest work and give her a follow!

5. Abha Bhattarai @abhabhattarai

As an economics correspondent for The Washington Post, Abha has recently covered the potential $35.3 billion Capital One and Discover merger, including the antitrust review it may face in Washington. Previously she covered retail for The Post, and has also written for the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Tampa Bay Times after graduating from Northwestern University.

6. Hannah Kanik @hannah_kanik

Covering commercial real estate for the San Francisco Business Times, Hannah is a native of the Sacramento area and reported for the San Jose Mercury News and PhillyVoice before joining the SFBT. Her recent stories include affordable senior housing, AI companies driving demand for office space and rethinking the future of suburbia.

7. Lauren Thomas @laurenthomas

Reporting on M&A and shareholder activism for The Wall Street Journal in New York, Lauren and her colleagues consistently break market-moving news about the biggest deals and proxy battles. One of those stories includes the recent $1.8 billion deal Cox Enterprises made to purchase OpenGov, a software provider for cities and state agencies.

8. Savannah Sicurella @savokanikan

As a reporter for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Savannah covers commercial real estate with a focus on the office sector. Before joining the Chronicle she held internships at the business desk of NPR and coverage on statewide education issues for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution while completing her degree in journalism from the University of Georgia. Check out her latest stories here or connect with her on LinkedIn.

9. Whizy Kim @whizyk

A senior reporter for Vox, Whizy covers wealth, economic inequality, and consumer trends. She frequently writes about powerful corporations and how the decisions they make impact the way we live. A recent story on how long baby boomers plan to keep working noted that while some wanted to, others had to. Check out more of her stories here.

10. Hiroko Tabuchi @HirokoTabuchi

Writing for The New York Times, Hiroko is an investigative reporter focused on business and climate. She examines how the business world is seeking not just to adapt to global warming, but to shape the world’s response to it. A recent piece highlights how California’s ban on plastic bags didn’t work exactly the way it was intended to and new legislation is attempting to fix the gaps.

11. Suhauna Hussain @suhaunah

Covering California labor and workplace issues for the Los Angeles Times, Suhauna joined the paper as a reporting fellow in December 2018. Some of her stories last month include the battle brewing over California workers’ unique tight to sue their bosses, and the gig drivers strike that hoped to disrupt Valentine’s Day business. Check out more of her work or connect with her on LinkedIn.

12. Illyshia Parker

A commercial real estate reporter for the Birmingham Business Journal, Illyshia loves writing about new and expanding businesses. Some of her recent work includes how Alabama’s housing market compares to national trends, local plans for redeveloping school property, and new senior apartment complexes under construction.

13. Kate Rogers 

Covering small business and entrepreneurship for CNBC, Kate provides coverage for CNBC’s Business Day programming and daily stories for CNBC.com while also contributing to the network’s overall markets coverage. Recent coverage includes restaurant chain expansion plans in China and small business confidence hits its highest level since Biden took office. Connect with Kate on LinkedIn.

14. Teddy Nykiel @tnykielmbj

At the Milwaukee Business Journal, Teddy covers residential real estate and major professional services firms. She also covers technology, startups, and entrepreneurship for the sibling publication Wisconsin Innovation. She began her career for NerdWallet covering personal finance and has also had her work published in outlets such as the Associated Press, Reuters and USA Today.

15. Laura Cooper @LCooperReports

Laura covers deals and private equity for The Wall Street Journal. She breaks news about the biggest corporate mergers and buyouts, while also writing about leveraged loans and how deals are financed. In the past, Laura has covered fundraising trends, healthcare, and technology. She recently wrote about the contradiction of private IPOs as investors try to work around choppy public markets.

16. Nicole Dieker

As a freelance writer, Nicole is a personal finance expert who has written stories for a large variety of publications. She also regularly writes for Vox’s Money Talks interview column and also answers readers’ questions for Vox’s On the Money advice column. Some of her most recent work for the publication includes advice on doing your own taxes from an accountant’s perspective and whether it may be ethical to apply for government aid after being laid off.

17. Taylor Nicole Rogers @TaylorNRogers

Working as a U.S. labor and equality correspondent for the Financial Times, Taylor reports on the financial, social and policy barriers limiting equal market participation in minority communities. She is a frequent guest on FT podcasts, including Working It and FT News Briefing. View more about her on her website here.

18. Rachel Siegel @rachsieg

As an economics reporter covering the Federal Reserve at The Washington Post, Rachel recently reported on potential interest rate cuts as officials closely watch for signs that inflation is becoming more stubborn. She has previously contributed to The Marshall Project and The Dallas Morning News.

19. Ana Swanson @AnaSwanson

Ana covers trade and international economics for The New York Times writing about the goods and services that go back and forth across borders. She often focuses on the U.S. relationship with China and its efforts to better compete by investing in the domestic semiconductor and clean energy industries. Check out some of her recent work.

20. Addison Lathers @AddisonLathers

Working at the Des Moines Register, Addison covers growth and development such as what office buildings are adding apartments to the downtown region and a new cooperative living community proposed. She previously wrote for the Capital Times and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

21. Linette Lopez @lopezlinette

As a senior correspondent at Business Insider, Linette reports on tech, finance, economics, and international relations. She has conducted investigations into controversial companies, like Tesla and has won multiple awards for her reporting. Check out some of her recent pieces on Tesla and Boeing.

22. Mengyuan Dong @mengyuan_dong

Working for the Sacramento Business Journal, Mengyuan is a data reporter who specializes in telling stories through data analysis and visualization. While completing her master’s degree in journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, Mengyuan developed projects on EV charging stations and local recycling policies among other stories. Check out more of her work on her website here.

23. Kate Dore @katedore

A reporter for the personal finance team at CNBC, Kate covers tax planning with recent stories on what to know before the filing deadline next month and what crypto taxes Bitcoin investors need to be aware of. She has previously contributed to Business Insider, Investopedia, Credit Karma, and appeared in Financial Planning magazine. Check out more of her work at CNBC.

24. Anjli Raval @anjliraval

Anjli is a management editor at the Financial Times who reports on boards, corporate governance, the future of work and what’s going on inside the world’s biggest companies. Some of her work this month includes why more CFOs are becoming CEOs and an article on the roadblocks female angel investors face that impact female founders.

25. Morgan Meaker @MorganMeaker

Covering European business, Morgan is a Senior Writer for WIRED. She has extensively covered how Europe is breaking up the empire of Big Tech and why Apple could be the first target of Europe’s new tech law. She was awarded Technology Journalist of the Year at the 2019 Words by Women Awards. Be sure to check out more of her work at WIRED.

26. Kate Fitzgerald @plasticpayments

A longtime payments reporter, Kate currently works at American Banker as a senior editor and also writes stories such as the future of social media-powered payments and how contactless payments make mass transit more inclusive. She has worked at several other publications including the Arizona Republic and began her career at the San Diego Tribune. Be sure to check out her work.

27. Judith Kohler @JudithKohler

Currently at the Denver Post, Judith began covering the business beat in 2018 after two decades of covering government, politics, energy and the environment. Not only did she discover that business intersects with all those areas, but found it thrilling to cover the second-largest aerospace industry in the country. Check out some of her featured work.

28. Alana Edgin @alana_edgin

Alana is a business reporter for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, often covering the local business scene. Alana’s covers a range of business topics from new restaurant openings to bank mergers. She has previously held beats in sports, crime, breaking news, and entertainment and was the Editor-In-Chief of her university’s student-run newspaper.

29. Jeanna Smialek @jeannasmialek

As a reporter covering the Federal Reserve and the U.S. economy for The New York Times, Jeanna focuses on what is happening with interest rates, inflation, and the job market, while also explaining how economic policymakers are thinking and acting. A recent article highlights what is next for the housing market as interest rate cuts are expected and real estate agents are likely to slash commissions after a major settlement this month.

30. Ellen Cagle @KCBJ_Ellen

Currently at the Kansas City Business Journal, Ellen is a digital reporter covering breaking news and residential real estate while overseeing editing of the publication’s online content. Some of her recent stories include Google’s plan for a $1B data center and a look at local bars and restaurants inside the Kansas City Current’s stadium.

31. Shirley Leung @leung

A business columnist and associate editor at the Boston Globe, Shirley hosts the Globe Opinion podcast “Say More.” Some of her recent work highlights downtown strategies from big cities that are adjusting to having fewer office workers and how it is not only possible, but necessary, to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

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