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Craft Beers’ place in the stadium

Having a beer while watching the big game is about as traditional as it gets for sports fans in the United States. But it’s another area where millennials are bringing

Cost of an empty Orioles stadium

The Chicago White Sox will play the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards on Wednesday. Nobody will be there. With riots breaking out across the city, Major League Baseball decided it

Fans cry foul after Cubs cancel game

The Chicago Cubs’ season has gotten off to a bumpy start. First, the Cubs angered third-baseman Kris Bryant, his agent, the Major League Players Association and fans by sending Bryant

Poor TV ratings are hurting Major League Baseball

On Tuesday, we discussed why baseball’s top stars can’t land big endorsement deals, and one of the top reasons, we concluded, was that Major League Baseball’s national and global reach has

Why baseball players can’t land big endorsements

Last Wednesday, Forbes released its annual “Baseball’s Highest-Paid Players” list, with Clayton Kershaw ($31.2 million), Jon Lester ($30.4 million) and Justin Verlander ($28.5 million) grabbing the top three spots. The

ASU students show business behind baseball

Five long days in a cramped study room. That’s what it took for five students from the Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business to claim the top prize in

Job of a baseball general manager

In Major League Baseball and other professional sports, players and sometimes managers get the lion’s share of attention. General managers are less well known, although there are some exceptions, like

Why Yoan Moncada received a big payday

Cuba and the U.S. might be moving toward normalized relations, and this development will likely only speed up a trend that has been growing over the past decade: Cuban baseball

Padres’ Shields places reasoned bet

James Shields was the last big-name free agent to decide on a new team for 2015. This week, he picked the San Diego Padres, which offered him a four-year, $75

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