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Fast food

Shake Shack, the new burger powerhouse

Wherever there’s a Shake Shack, you’ll find a line of people. Danny Meyer’s 71 upscale burger stands have drawn plenty of foodies, and now, they’re generating plenty of revenue. Shake Shack

All about McDonald’s turnaround plan

All year, we’ve told you about the efforts by McDonald’s to fix the fast food company’s decline. First, it named a new CEO. Then, it said it planned to serve

Taco Bell to your door, and more

It’s possible to get just about anything delivered these days, depending on where you live. Amazon will bring you groceries. Starbucks will deliver coffee. And now, Taco Bell is going

McDonald’s tests all-day breakfast

McDonald’s announced on Monday that it’s going to experiment with offering breakfast all day. At first glance, you might wonder, “Who would want a McMuffin at 4 pm?” Apparently, McDonald’s

McDonald’s vows to serve more ‘clean food’

In January, the chief executive at McDonald’s resigned in the face of declining sales. This month, McDonald’s new CEO is vowing to serve more of what the food industry calls

Burger King bid puts fast food business in spotlight

Wall Street gobbled up shares of fast-food monarch Burger King on Monday, following word that the 60-year-old chain might be headquartering north following the acquisition of the Tim Horton’s coffee

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