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Investigative reporting

Investigative reporting: An introduction

“Investigative reporting” is a term that can cover many sins – and, hopefully, uncover at least a few sinners. The best definition/description I’ve heard of the term is any reporting

Investigative reporting: Glossary of key terms

Given the range of possible investigative projects, there isn’t really any particular glossary of terms to cover the area.  However, here are some terms that could come in handy at

Investigative reporting: Local stories and angles

Localizing an investigative business story – assuming it isn’t a piece that starts and ends in your backyard – often involves picking some broader national or even international subject and

Find health care systems’ local growth in EMMA

Andrew Conte and Luis Fabregas of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review wanted to know how much money hospitals were shelling out to build new facilities within a mile of existing ones. They saw

Craig Harris: Get buy-in and do your homework

Craig Harris of The Arizona Republic won the top gold award in the Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism for his series looking into abuses in the state’s

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