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Natural disasters

How natural disasters affect property taxes

Natural disasters can cause millions of dollars in damage. The tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri in 2011 caused about $2.8 billion in property damage. Those who do not have property

This year it's more important than ever that business journalists know the basics about flood insurance. (Image by "patrick269" via Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons)

Flood insurance basics: Nine quick facts

Thanks to Harvey, Irma and now, Maria, flooding caused by hurricanes has dominated the news for weeks. Flood insurance is a hot topic both for readers in typical flood areas


Reporting the economic impact of winter storms

Each winter, some regions brace for major weather events and blizzards that can dramatically affect local and national economies. Some storms bring with them dangerous travel conditions, public and private

Flooding means trouble for Midwest

While drought continues to trouble California, too much water is causing problems for farmers in the Midwest. Heavy rainfall throughout the month of June means a number of fields in

The price tag for this winter’s flight delays

If you traveled to the East Coast this winter, you probably got stuck somewhere. And now, the numbers on the winter of 2014-15 are in. U.S. airlines cancelled 63,000 flights

Snow, the story that just keeps on giving

You can’t “pahk yah cah in Hahvuhd Yahd” right now, and things are about to get worse. A new winter storm has covered the South in ice and snow and

For big cities, big storms have a big cost

Move the snow first, and worry about the cost later, Massachusetts’ new governor, Charlie Baker, declared this week. But the record snowstorms have already claimed one casualty: Beverly Scott, the

Winter freeze affects businesses and consumers

There’s so much happening this month and next for business writers to focus on, but sometimes you need to bow to the forces of nature. Record-setting winter weather like most

Is winter’s freeze leading to fuel shortages?

Zooming along at a slippery 30 mph this morning, I tuned into a satellite radio trucker channel; an open-line program drew callers from around the United States reporting on problems

Who gains when sub-zero temps hit?

It’ll take something pretty amazing to compete for headlines with the extreme weather outbreak ongoing this week across much of the United States.  When people are trying to make it

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