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Personal finance

Personal finance stories for low-income families

One of the biggest limitations and frustrations of mainstream personal finance reporting is that it often includes nothing helpful for the people who need help the most: the poor and low-income

Making sense of the financial advice industry

We’re midway through National Financial Literacy month and our look at resources and story ideas for addressing personal finance coping skills at various life stages.  This week, middle-age — the

Story ideas to reach parents, kids and teens

Welcome to Money Mondays! April is widely recognized by the financial industry and various consumer protection groups as National Financial Literacy Month, and in honor of it we’ll kick off

Bartering, cash-free options help sellers and buyers

Bitcoin is getting a lot of attention these days; the digital person-to-person currency system says the value of Bitcoins worldwide surpassed $1.5 billion in August. And as CNBC reports, regulators are

Spring break splurges spark personal finance stories

Spring break is coming up for college students and families, and it’s an opportunity to prepare not only some interesting feature stories about the tourism, transportation and hospitality industries, but

Who profits from the business of spring break?

With post-Mardi Gras headaches barely a thing of the past for Fat Tuesday revelers, it’s now time to consider the business angles surrounding the next bout of winter debauchery and

Personal Finance: Glossary of terms, concepts

Personal finance covers the gamut from credit cards and investments to student loans and insurance. It’s important that you have a good understanding of the basic terms and concepts so

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