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Kean University desk at convention

Conference and expo uptick may bring new business to your market

There’s something about the conference, convention and trade show industry that never fails to grab me. The ephemeral nature of these temporary small cities that arise, buzz for a few days with sales and schmoozing and demos and training and news — and then are dismantled forever… it’s intriguing and of course it’s big business […]

Clean solar concentrator

Solar Power: Can the blazing demand for it be sustained?

Solar Power:  Sometimes a theme won’t take no for an answer; it keeps bubbling up here and there demanding to be recognized. A couple of weeks ago, a tradesman recommended a solar-powered charger for one of my electric-powered household gadgets.  Then I came across this story about solar-powered smartphone-charging park benches.  A few blocks down […]

Quicktips: From pampering people and pets to scams and surcharges

Quicktips: From pampering people and pets to scams and surcharges

Another raft of ideas jotted on scrap paper or e-mailed to myself are in danger of sailing off into the horizon, so welcome to another installment of Quicktips, the place we salvage viable story pegs at risk of becoming forgotten flotsom. Hotel fees. In our increasing a la carte economy, hotel fees are the latest […]

Furniture Delivery

Does the summer home sales bounce help furniture dealers, related industries?

With existing home sales for May posting their best gain since 2011, as USA Today reports, and this week’s new home sales report expected to show a modest increase, according to Business Insider, you might want to take a mid-year checkup of the real estate market’s spin-off effect on other lines of business. I was […]

727 jet used as lakeside home

Find local economic indicators in quirky commerical real estate stories

The commercial real estate sector tends to get overlooked amid spring selling season in the single-family housing market, but a couple of interesting stories have caught my eye recently and they’re ripe for localizing.  And the root causes of the activity can make for some deeper local economy stories. First, the Wall Street Journal reports […]

Buck Shops Here NYT real estate feature

A new way to look at housing prices: NYT’s shows what a buck will buy

I always admire alternative storytelling, from video to maps to interactive graphics or just clever ways that writers use prose.  A a recent business story in the New York Times recently caught my eye and I think it’s just ripe for biz reporters nationwide to localize. In “The buck shops here,”the NYT columnist Ben Schott […]

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) in Episode 6 Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Quicktips: Mad Men kitsch, real-estate glitch, Passover product pitch

We’re amid one of those stimulating times of year when the seasonal news pegs are so numerous it’s hard to keep up.  I missed National Love Your Produce Manager Day and going to have to take a pass on National Garlic Day; hoping to squeeze in some Earth Day ideas but meanwhile here are a […]

Nebraska state run horse racing

New state tax revenue data gives insight into consumer spending

New numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau on state tax revenues are just out for the fourth quarter of 2013, with the annual summary for the full year also due out April 8. Because these figures are broken down into categories ranging from property tax to alcohol purchases, you might consider using them as a […]

Second homes modular mountain home

Assess the vacation home market as getaway season draws near

Whether a lakeside cabin, desert ranch, riverside RV or beachfront cottage, owning the getaway home is many a consumer’s dream. And as summer draws near, a new spate of information indicating an upswing in buyer demand makes this an opportune moment to take a look at trends in the sale of second homes and other […]