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Real Estate

House-hunting season is in full swing, full of local stories for business reporters. Read up on the big trends and forecasts before digging in.

Real estate update: Seven great reads

The housing market typically wakes up in March and remains hyper-active until the end of August. Bone up on the latest trends and forecasts before investigating the real estate business in

Urbanism: Business journalist’s briefing

Until recently, the growth of American cities was largely a suburban story. It developed in response to urban afflictions at the turn of the last century and was compounded by government policy and

Look into your local apartment rental scene for business stories with a millennial focus. (Image by "jarmoluk" via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

Local apartment rents and the millennial job market

Job and wage growth are key factors in driving local and regional economies. But don’t overlook the impact of affordable rents, especially for millennials just getting established in their careers.

Local business journalists can report on a number of new mortgage stories. (Image by Photo-Mix via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

Local mortgage stories for today’s home buyers

With adjustable-rate mortgages available for a full percentage point less than a fixed-rate mortgage, and a few more rate hikes in the pipeline from the Federal Reserve, it’s no surprise

The self-storage industry is getting healthier by the year. (Image by Scott Meyers via flickr CC BY 2.0)

Self-storage facts to jump-start a business story

Downsizing baby boomers and small business are contributing to the self-storage surge in American. These facts should help jump-start a business story on facilities in your community. 10 quick facts about

How to find stories in real estate websites

Real estate websites are great tools for consumers looking to buy, sell or rent property. They’re equally helpful to business reporters developing a variety of stories. In addition to housing

The Banks by Hannaford

Getting into affordable housing issues

The New York City Council changed its zoning laws last week, adding two ordinances that ensure real estate developers include units that are affordable to average New Yorkers. New York

Could tiny houses be a solution to homelessness?

There has been an explosion of television shows touting the joys of the tiny house lifestyle. But some cities are seeing tiny houses as a possible solution to homelessness. Tiny

The luxury student housing trend

Millennials do a lot of things differently, including how they live while getting an education. Luxury apartments are a growing trend in college towns across the United States. The buildings,

Auctioning Detroit’s historic buildings

Two of Detroit’s best known buildings are being auctioned this week. The Fisher Building and the Albert Kahn Building are linchpins of the city’s New Center district north of downtown.

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