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October 2013

Strip malls still battle vacancy rates

With only a couple of days to go before even the most reticent of retailers – those who feel they must restrain the Christmas glee at least until after Halloween

8-K Filings Guide: Introduction

When there’s news at a publicly traded company, there’s probably also an 8-K filing. These are the filings that many investors watch most closely, and among the ones companies file

8-K Filings Guide: Kinds of 8-Ks

As mentioned in the Introduction, 8-K filings come in a bewildering variety. Below, we’ve identified some of the most common types that are the most useful to reporters. The 8-K

8-K Filings Guide: Tips and tricks

The 8-K’s strong suit for reporters is news. After all, companies use them to disclose (or try to bury) news of their own. With the biggest companies, it’s hard to

8-K Filings Guide: Traps and Mistakes

Most 8-K filings are pretty straightforward, but some can still prove confusing. Some companies bury important information, or emphasize the rosy and downplay the gloomy. Further complicating matters: widespread misconceptions

8-K Filings Guide: Resources

The SEC’s Edgar database is free and relatively simple. Start with the company search page to find a particular company’s filings, by name or ticker symbol. Use the full text-search

Delving into the business of death

It’s that eerie time of year again when mortality is in the air, thanks to this week’s holidays, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos (the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration) and the

8 quick ways around the single-source story

You often have to put up with me railing against the single-source story.But this press-release “journalism,” merely taking dictation, is one of the biggest challenges we face. Every time we

Want an interview? Send me an email

E-mail has made the news, news stories, and newspapers dull. (Patrick B. Pexton) Pexton, a former Washington Post ombudsman,doesn’t like email interviews. “E-mail is a rotten reporting tool for journalists,

When you get scooped

You will. Even the most diligent beat reporter will open up Twitter or a competing publication and Web site and see that she has been beaten on a story. Let’s

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