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January 2015

You may miss SkyMall, but the airlines won’t

You probably breathed a sign of nostalgia last week when you heard about the demise of SkyMall, the quirky catalog found on airplanes that sells stuff nobody really needs. And

How much do airlines owe you for flight delays?

An American Airlines ticket counter at Orlando International Airport. Photo by Benet J. Wilson This week’s major snowstorm on the East Coast prompted airlines to cancel thousands of flights. It

Lance Armstrong would cheat again — and why

Believe it or not, it’s been two years since cycling champion Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs. In an interview to be broadcast by

Across America, giving airports an upgrade

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is embracing solar power. But other airports badly need improvements. Have you been to your local airport lately? All across the U.S., airports such Detroit Metropolitan,

Hockey’s Sean Avery offers important money advice

It’s a tale as old as professional sports. An athlete gets a multi-million dollar contract, and spends his money on the assumption that he’s actually worth what his million-dollar base

How to Cover Money Podcast

Common newsroom problem: Story ideas

This episode explores a common newsroom problem: story ideas. Here are some questions you can ask your class. How have you come up with some story ideas? Are there some

Dark money still here as Citizens United turns five

The New Yorker points out that this week marks the fifth anniversary of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the landmark Supreme Court decision that changed the landscape for campaign

Is Etsy selling out with its upcoming IPO?

If you know Etsy, you know that the artisanal craft site has a reputation for being “Brooklyn hip.” It sells all manner of hand made and vintage objects that seem

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