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Entertaining Business: Super Bowl means big TV sales

January 23, 2015

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The hype leading up to the Super Bowl often means that people will flock to the stores to buy that enormous HDTV they’ve been eying, with the excuse they are having a viewing party for the game. In anticipation of this, most big box stores (and online retailers like Amazon) typically slash prices a bit before the game, particularly on larger sized models, to appeal to this crowd.

This means that retailers usually get a nice little spike in sales in early February. Big screens typically run 5-10% cheaper, and these are usually higher end models (with more bells and whistles) than you’d typically see on Black Friday models.

The educated consumer is looking for features like a Smart TV, and has done their research on 4K or Ultra HD technology (upping the pixels and clarity). So, they are investing in pricier TVs. The National Retail Foundation predicts that nearly 9 percent of the expected 184 million viewers will be purchasing a new TV pre-game.

Consumer Reports advises that buyers in the market for a new TV would be wise to invest in one 50 inches or larger for an optimal viewing experience, but the magazine also recommends waiting a few more weeks to really get a great deal. That’s when retailers are more likely to cut prices to make way for the new TVs that were unveiled at the January Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Buying a TV in February or beyond is similar to getting an end of the year model sale for a car.

NBC’s decision to stream the game for free, may impact those TV sales, but given that the mobile/smartphone experience is only available to those with Verizon Wireless, it may lessen the blow. And for those who have cut the cable cord, they may still in

vest in a new discounted Smart TV, so they can take advantage of “Super Stream Sunday” without having a cable subscription. NBC is also the first network to strike a deal to stream the half time show (which is the reason a lot of people tune in) as well as just the game.

So, if you’re in the market for a big TV, you could see both the game and Katy Perry as large as life.

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