How To Cover Money Rewind: Technology Part 2

by January 8, 2015

Season 2, Episode 5:

In this episode of How To Cover Money, Dan Gillmor returns with hosts Micheline Maynard and Mark Remillard. This time, he delves more into what to do and not do when covering technology.

In the previous episode, the group discussed the big picture with technology and where’s it’s headed. This time, they tailor the conversation to reporters covering the topic.

“Look at this in more of the context of what it means for society and less on what it means for what’s on your wrist,” Maynard says.

They provide the following tips:

  1. Cover a niche part of technology so that you can be the go-to expert.
  2. Don’t be scared to start – technology journalism is easier than ever to break into.
  3. Cover technology in a more thoughtful way. Don’t just churn out content just so it’s there.
  4. Don’t become a fan of companies.
  5. Don’t overemphasize page views. Look for an engaged audience.
  6. Be open and transparent.

To hear Gillmor expand on these tips, and learn more about best practices when covering technology, check out the full episode here:

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