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August 2016

Five ways to write about the soybean industry

Business reporters with an agribusiness focus might find the soybean industry an excellent area for human interest, trend and economic stories. This blog provides some tips for writing on soybeans


Reporting on municipal contracts

Robust business stories often start with contracts, but what’s the connection between contracts and business stories? Contracts reveal the DNA of a project whether it be your local airport, public

Five story ideas around agri-business

The business of agriculture may not seem as exciting as tech and the economy; however, plenty of intriguing stories exist within agribusiness. This blog outlines some core themes and trends

Getting through to sources

Tracking down sources for business stories

When I returned to consumer journalism after taking a three-year break, I found, to my dismay, sources had become increasingly evasive. Whereas before, I remembered everybody wanting to see their

Ken Teegardin Numbers And Finance

Investment in debt decurities

Investment Accounting Most entities maintain an investment portfolio that includes bonds, shares of stock and derivative securities. Entities maintain investments for a myriad of reasons including investing extra cash until

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