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Covering Independence Day trend stories

July 4, 2019

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Happy birthday, America! We’ve complied a list of ideas you can use in your business coverage of the July 4th holiday. (Image credit to designecologist via Pexels)

CBD dog treat sales surge around fireworks season

Any pet owner will tell you, loud noises are terrifying to the vast majority of cats and dogs. In fact, around holidays like the New Years Eve and Independence Day where the pyrotechnics displays are in full force– animal shelters are at their busiest, taking in pets who frantically fled their homes to escape the noise. Unsurprisingly, around fire works season, CBD oils and infused treats fly off the shelves in pet stores around the country as pet parents prepare for the anxiety the noise inspires in many dogs and cats.

Widely used for its anti-inflammatory properties, studies show that CBD can also help mellow out fearful pets. Other anti-anxiety pet products like thunder shirts and non-CBD medications like Rescue Remedy, are also popular this time of year. Talk to local pet store owners about their experiences. They would likely be happy to talk to you about their products. You can also interview pet owners as well as animal shelters to see hoe they’re preparing for the big day. The county shelter in Phoenix, for example, hosts and annual “Calming the Canines” event each year on the Fourth, in which volunteers spend the evening with the pups to help decrease their anxiety. Perhaps there are similar events planned in your area.

Unsurprisingly, alcohol, barbecue sales increase

Every year, American’s celebrate their country’s birthday by spending more than $1.6 billion on beer and wine, and more than 6.7 billion on July 4th food, largely for cookouts and picnics. Here’s a fun infographic which breaks down American’s spending and activities on the Fourth. Did you know, Americans spend another $5 million per year on red, white and blue related décor–products which are largely manufactured and imported from China. In you story, talk to grocery and liquor stores about how they plan on dealing with the increased demand. Are they stocking more products popular on the holiday?

Car accidents and DUIs rise as well

Perhaps tangentially related to the amount booze Americans are drinking, car accidents and DUI arrests rise on the Fourth. In fact, according to a survey by Value Penguin which examined data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Independence Day is one of the most dangerous holidays to be on the road.

From 2010-2017, there were 1,192 drunk driving-related fatalities on the Fourth of July and 103 lives could be saved each year if riders were wearing their seatbelts. You can talk to your local police departments PIO about driving arrests on the Fourth. Find out  if fines typically increase or more cars are impounded. Also, talk to auto and body shops. With an average increase in fender benders and wrecks, does your local mechanic see a boost in business following America’s birthday?


  • Madeline Ackley

    Madeline Ackley is a journalist born and raised in central Arizona. Madeline's reporting has been focused on community issues, immigration, policing and homelessness. She has previously worked as an intern on The Arizona Republic’s Breaking News Desk...

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