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Twenty business journalists to follow, if you don’t already

January 27, 2022

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Journalists live and breathe on Twitter, and following each other is a sign of respect (or possibly fear). While some business journalists boast followings in the hundreds of thousands, the Reynolds Center has compiled an unscientific list of 20 business journalists with a somewhat smaller fanbase who are worth following. 


Amanda Christovich @achristovichh

Reporter at Front Office Sports focused on college sports.

Jabari Young @JabariJYoung

Reporter at CNBC best known for his coverage of the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA.

Kendall Baker @kendallbaker

Sports editor at Axios and the author of the daily Axios Sports newsletter.

Meredith Cash @mercash22

Reporter at Insider covering all games played on a field, court, rink, diamond, or gridiron with a focus on women’s sports.

Paula Lavigne @pinepaula

Investigative reporter at ESPN who has investigated sexual assault in professional and college athlets, fraudulent pro-athlete charities, gambling on youth sports, and many other sports topics.

Startups and venture capital

Melia Russell @meliarobin

Melia is a tech correspondent at Insider whose bio states she is ‘focused on growth-stage companies, the funding deals that investors are clamoring to get into, and workplace issues.’

Matt Drange @mattdrange

Senior correspondent at Insider and was named the best young business journalist in 2019 by SABEW.

Shartia Brantley @ShartiaBrantley

Shartia is Deputy New York Bureau Chief at Bloomberg News and a Senior Editor for the Amerias at Bloomberg Live.

Eliot Brown @eliotwb

Reporter at The Wall Street Journal and co-author of the Cult of We.


Erica Pandey @erica_pandey

Reporter at Axios covering technology trends that are shaping the future of work.

Sarah Needleman @sarahneedleman

Reporter at The Wall Street Journal covering technology.

Rosalie Chan @rosaliechan17

Senior reporter covering enterprise tech at Insider.

Market and finance

Dion Rabouin @DionRabouin

Reporter at The Wall Street Journal who will be the inaugural host of their soon-to-launch WSJ YouTube markets video channel.

Jennifer Kingson @jenniferkingson

Managing editor for business news at Axios.

Weston Blasi @wastonblasi

Reporter at MarketWatch.

Sharon Epperson @sharon_epperson

Senior Personal Finance Correspondent at CNBC.

Other business sectors

Craig Karmin @CraigKarmin

Real Estate Bureau Chief at The Wall Street Journal and wrote the best-seller Biography of the Dollar.

Lauren Thomas @laurenthomas

Reporter for CNBC covering retail, retail real estate & fitness.

Meg Graham @megangraham

Advertising & marketing reporter for CMO Today at The Wall Street Journal.

Michelle Maltais @mmaltaisLA

Managing editor for money and consumer news at USA Today.


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