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Sahara and Kelechukwu with Reynolds Center Director, Jeffrey Timmermans, at the SABEW conference in Chicago. April 2024. Photo by Aryn Kodet.

Bidding adieu to the Reynold’s class of 2024

As the spring semester comes to a close, it is time to wish farewell to our graduate assistants. Before they head off to jump-start their careers this summer we want to take one last opportunity to highlight some of their best work this past academic year.

Sahara Sajjadiankhah

Sahara is passionate about solving a number of different issues, both domestic and global, ranging from the refugee crisis, lack of accessible healthcare, houselessness, gender inequality, and other societal flaws. She is pursuing a journalism career to give a voice to the voiceless, highlighting their stories, and finding solutions to issues that have plagued society for years.

Sahara was awarded the White House Correspondents Association ‘Trust in Reporting scholarship’ that she will be using to complete her master’s in Mass Communications degree while in Washington D.C. this summer.

How U.S. businesses profit from war worldwide

Billions go towards supporting a massive global arms industry that reaps the benefits of conflicts around the world.

The big economic impact of black-owned small businesses 

Despite the impressive growth in Black-owned businesses in recent years, they still face many hurdles that other businesses don’t.

Borderless beauty: How globalization is boosting the cosmetic medical tourism business

Beauty standards are ever-evolving and there is a global market ready to take advantage of that boosting medical tourism.

Kelechukwu Iruoma

Kelechukwu Iruoma is a multi-award-winning journalist with seven years of experience covering business, environment, politics, global health, and development, including exposing corruption, and social injustice. Some of his stories, which focused on investigative and development journalism have made tremendous impacts and address different social issues and problems.

Kelechukwu has been awarded a student media grant to travel to the Akagera National Park in Rwanda this summer to document how the park became a top destination for wildlife tourism. He will be returning to Cronkite in the fall to complete his master’s in Mass Communication.

U.S. brands caught in middle of Israel-Hamas conflict, with protests and boycotts hitting profits

The burger giant is among several U.S. brands that have been targeted by protests and boycott campaigns due to their support for Israel.

What China’s struggling economy means for the US, global economy

China is one of the United States’ trading partners, but trade between the two countries has been unstable.

How inflation affects international students, stores

Inflation has made moving to the United States to pursue higher education an even more difficult feat for some international students.

Mackenzie Joy Brennan

After working in New York as a lawyer, Mackenzie came back to her home state Arizona to hone her on-air presence and digital media skills. She hopes to demystify law and policy issues affecting all of us. This summer Mackenzie will continue her work as a reproductive justice advocate.

arm pointing at cork board covered with crime evidence

“True crime” pays, but who pays and who gets the loot?

True crime stories are easy to package into a compelling format, but just because creators can churn out true crime, should they?

The movie business as a working union actor

SAG member Marie Cecile Anderson discusses the strike decision, demands union members are asking for, and what life is like as a working union actor, even while on strike.

What happens when you’re not on strike, but your industry is?

Hollywood costume designer Nicole Suerez Jones talks studio executive greed, working conditions, artificial intelligence, and what it means to be functioning in an industry that appears to be at an impasse.


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