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Jesse Millard

esse A. Millard is a Tempe-based writer. He currently works as a web content strategist and writer at Insight Enterprises. He’s written for several publications, covering the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Az Business, AZRE, the Phoenix Business Journal and The Arizona Republic.

My Latest Articles

Covering the commercial space industry

The commercial space industry and universities have always played a role in helping NASA get beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, and into space. But in recent

What to know about Industry 4.0

For a while now, it has seemed that progressing technology has put society one step closer to the next great transformation. These types of transformations

The rise of retail health care

Last time you walked through the supermarket, you may have noticed that the pharmacy expanded with some sort of clinic. There are more doc-in-the-boxes in

What you should know about 3-D printing

Polymer-based 3-D printers have been around for a while, being made available at libraries for STEM projects and businesses for prototyping. But the technology is

Tips for covering autonomous vehicles

In many cities, companies like Waymo and Uber have been testing driverless cars for years. In March, an autonomous vehicle operated by Uber struck and killed

Finding local tech stories

Technology has never been a more popular business topic, as cities across the country work to add tech jobs and attract technology companies to help

Journalism training at the Canadian Association of Journalists 2015 conference

6 tips for covering business in Canada

Earlier this month, the Reynolds Center hosted a workshop on finding and following the money at the Canadian Association of Journalists 2015 conference. Christopher Waddell,


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