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Health Care

How to localize rising healthcare expenses

New findings show that Americans still face challenges with healthcare costs. A recent survey by Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation uncovered that expensive healthcare is still one of the most

Reporting on the youth vaping trend

As teen smoking rates drop to historic lows, e-cigarette use, or ‘vaping’ is on the rise among the young. Between 2017 and 2018, the FDA found that e-cig usage among

Localizing mental health initiatives in the workplace

As technology extends the workday well past the typical 9-5, many American workers regularly feel stressed. Earlier this year, when Chicago-area mental-health center Yellowbrick surveyed 2,059 working adults between the

Don’t let this story go up in smoke!

Have you been reading the ads distributed by your news organization’s outlets lately? You may be missing a breaking business news story by overlooking this important source if you do.

Medicare for all — promise or peril?

S. 1129, aimed at providing comprehensive health care for all Americans, is gaining more attention:The Medicare for All Act of 2019 attracted 13 Democratic co-sponsors in the latest version introduced

The rising cost of long-term care

Today’s middle-income Americans won’t be able to afford tomorrow’s long-term care.  New studies and research from both private and public sources paint the same harsh picture: By 2029, the numbers

new health and wealth data

3 (seriously simple) ways to save for an emergency

The lack of U.S. emergency savings is a news story that consistently receives attention, but the statistics just aren’t budging. According to the Federal Reserve Board, four in every 10

Reporter’s brief: Covering medical residencies

Before doctors with medical degrees can be licensed to practice independently, they must spend three to seven years completing an accredited residency program. A 2017 article in the Atlantic, Why

Unravel the mysteries of medicare for readers

Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65, which means they qualify for health coverage from Medicare. The size of that number should get the attention of business reporters, but there’s more:

Covering cancer and health care

Although cancer in men has declined slightly and the overall rate remains steady in women, cancer is still a serious public health concern. One in four deaths are cancer-related, according

Make safety first on your topic list

All business reporters learn to follow corporate financials and stock performance. But all that is just money, not the boundaries of a company’s interaction with its employees and the world.

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