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Health Care

The rising cost of long-term care

Today’s middle-income Americans won’t be able to afford tomorrow’s long-term care.  New studies and research from both private and public sources paint the same harsh

Covering cancer and health care

Although cancer in men has declined slightly and the overall rate remains steady in women, cancer is still a serious public health concern. One in

Make safety first on your topic list

All business reporters learn to follow corporate financials and stock performance. But all that is just money, not the boundaries of a company’s interaction with

The rise of retail health care

Last time you walked through the supermarket, you may have noticed that the pharmacy expanded with some sort of clinic. There are more doc-in-the-boxes in

3 timely stories to report now on vaping

While there is plenty of information out there, some people — especially young people — don’t understand the health risks involved with e-cigarettes, including nicotine


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