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Get productive (with some help)

Productivity gains have a widespread appeal. Get more done always sounds good. Getting a bit more critical, it’s not just getting anything done, but hopefully reducing time in the more

Write for the format the audience expects

Anyone can get into a rut. When you’re a working journalist, a rut can become so deep that you no longer see over the top. In the past I’ve mentioned

Make sure the trend or event is really new

Trends are a great topic for any sort of journalism and are of particular interest in business. Knowing where companies and industries are heading, what the best performers do for

When statistical median and mean tell you nothing

In business journalism, statistics may not be second nature to all reporters, but they are a constant companion and it’s necessary to understand them. You might turn to the mean—average—or

lightbulb with idea bubbles

The freelancer’s guide to repurposing ideas

For many freelance writers with bylines across multiple publications, the key to success is not in thinking up a million disparate ideas but in finding ways to put a new

people sitting at a conference table with laptops

Tips for reporting on conferences

Journalists attend conferences as professional development, as a way to stay abreast of trends in a certain industry, or to write about them. If you fall into the latter camp,

The business of freelancing

If you want to freelance for a living rather than a hobby, it’s essential to treat it as a business. The tips below will help you get in the right

For good business journalism, think like a librarian

Business journalism is the process of gathering, arranging, and presenting information that helps people better understand companies, industries, and economies. At the center is “information.” Journalists pride themselves on learning

Develop your personal theory of reporting

You spend years learning tactics, skills, strategies, ethics, and industries in business journalism. And they’re all necessary. But after a while, you need to develop something else: a personal theory

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