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Lessons in journalism innovation from SXSW 2018

South by Southwest may be best known for its movie screenings, raucous parties with live music and panels on tech topics. Still, plenty of journalists also attend the popular Austin-based

Writing tips for kicking your personal clichés

You’ve heard more times than you could count not to use clichés, whether from a teacher or in the railing of some literary giant like George Orwell: A newly-invented metaphor

The fundamentals of good journalism are more important than ever. Here's a refresher. (Merrian-Webster Dictionaries image by Merrian Webster via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Unimpeachable sources

I’m a big fan of the bells and whistles of modern storytelling, such as 360 journalism and data visualization. I’m equally enthusiastic about delving into audience analytics. But cutting-edge reporting

4 steps for improving your blog posts

Contributing to a blog has become an expected part of a business reporter’s repertoire. You may be producing fill-in posts between your regular filings at a publication, or perhaps blogs

How to check a source’s statistics

You’ve probably noticed that PR departments and agencies often try to make their pitches seem like authentic news. To that end, many will toss in statistics and other numbers. In

6 grants that can fund your reporting project

Maybe you’re freelance. Perhaps you’re at a publication where the idea of a splurge is finding $10 on the street and buying a box of doughnuts for the staff. It

Don't worry if you didn't make the Online News Association conference: We've got the big takeaways for business journalists. (Image by Amy Wu)

Lessons from online news association, 2017

Midway through the Online News Association (ONA’s) annual confab in Washington D.C. in October, I realized that the brunt of the buzz centered on the digital and technical aspects of

Business reporters cover people and businesses typically capable of launching robust law suits. Learn how to protect yourself. (Image by "timokefoto" via Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons)

How not to be sued for libel

One of the scariest communications a journalist can get is the notification of a lawsuit for libel. Not too long ago, a colleague was sued for statements backed up by court documents. She had

5 Services matching reporters with expert sources

Many journalists use services like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and Profnet to track down experts or real-people sources. But these large, general-interest services have their shortcomings, as Erik Sherman pointed out

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